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Testimonials - Compass Legal Services, PS
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Testimonials for Legal Services

What are Compass Legal Services client’s saying about our legal services?  Read below:

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On Divorce Representation:
“I actually ended up receiving a great deal more than I was offered”

Heather Forrler goes above and beyond to help you navigate the legal system with confidence and all the tools and knowledge you could need. I was 26, in the middle of a nasty divorce and unemployment and I couldn’t afford a lawyer, and then I found Heather through Kitsap Legal Services. I came to her with dozens of questions right off the bat and she laid out every step I needed to take and answered every question patiently and with great detail.

I met up with her about 9 times in three months and she was supportive and with me every step of the way. She helped me fill out dozens of forms, and selflessly donated hours of her time to help me deal with this insurmountable stress. I ended up having the rare situation where both parties were happy with what they got in the end and I owe it all to Heather.

She didn’t sugarcoat anything, she prepared me for all options and situations and helped me every time I needed her. This was the hardest time of my life, but she was in my corner and didn’t let me settle for anything less than I deserved. I actually ended up receiving a great deal more than I was offered because of her negotiations and help with paperwork. She knows what she’s doing and she won’t let you down.

Other lawyers could take a page from her book. 🙂

Jeanoelle Emery
On Child Support Modification:
“I felt confident in her services and would recommend her to anyone”

Heather Forrler helped me modify my child support. She was very professional, got it done in a timely manner communicated clearly, and informed me of all my options. I felt confident in her services and would recommend her to anyone looking for professional and friendly legal assistance.

E. L.
Thank you again for your help, it really made a big difference in my stress level.
C. Peterson

From Attorney Heather E. Forrler:

“Compass Legal Service’s mission is my mission. I endeavor to provide excellent legal services in a manner that decreases unnecessary stresses and increases the chance of mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.”