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Attorney Heather Forrler, Family Law, Divorce Lawyer
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Heather E. Forrler

Attorney at Law

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Compass Legal Services, Heather Forrler, Attorney, Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Incorporation, Arbitration

Attorney Heather E. Forrler

Areas of Practice: Family Law, Divorce Lawyer, Estate Planning, Business Incorporation & Arbitration

Attorney Heather Forrler started in the legal field as a legal assistant in 1996. She worked first for a family law attorney, then for a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney. While in law school, Heather interned with a Plaintiff’s Personal Injury firm. She argued two cases in the Court of Appeals between May and July of her third year, passed the bar exam on the first sitting, and was sworn in in October of 2002. Ms. Forrler continued to practice personal injury until 2006, at which time she went to work with an estate planning attorney and studied family law. In 2008, Ms. Forrler began practicing family law, primarily uncontested cases, which quickly lead to representing divorce clients in contested matters.

Ms. Forrler’s experience with family law includes going through two divorces personally, working as a legal assistant, and as an attorney. With her personal experience, she understands the emotional needs of her clients, and serves with personal empathy, integrity, and efficiency. She understands, and helps her clients understand, the vital importance of preserving any positive aspects of the couple’s relationship with each other, especially when children are involved.

Ms. Forrler also provides services for estate planning, business incorporation, and arbitration. She supports the local legal aid clinic (Kitsap Legal Services), including assisting the KLS clients on a pro bono basis.

Ms. Forrler is a member in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association and Kitsap County Bar Association, as well as the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.