Family Law: Parenting Plan,Child Support &
Third Party Custody

Family Law is a broad area of the law pertaining to marriage, domestic relations and the security of families and children. Some of the common matters pertaining to family law include child support (adjustments and modifications), third party custody, parentage and parenting plans.  Washington State law has re-termed the custodial parent as the “primary residential parent” based on the provisions of an established parenting plan.  Where the question of child “custody” is in question between established parents or guardians, the “traditional” idea of custody is established via the parenting plan.

Divorce is a complex legal matter also attributed to Family Law. Visit our Divorce page for more information on divorce proceedings and divorce attorney representation with Compass Legal Services.

Real Hope in Family Law

single father, custody, family law, child support, parenting plan, third party custody, parentage, child support, kitsap countyIn Family Law there is a real stigma regarding parental gender and preferential treatment by the courts.  At Compass Legal Services, P.S. we have worked with many parents, both male and female, who were awarded equitable and satisfactory parenting time with their children.  Very often we have worked with fathers who were designated as the primary residential parent.  It is our experience that when the court must become involved in the family dynamic, it goes to great length to honor parental rights while putting the best interest of children first.  It is our great honor to work with parents who honor their children’s right to know, love and be supported by both their parents, wherever that right does not place the child in harms way.

Supporting The Families Afterward: Family Law & Domestic Relations

Compass Legal Services, P.S provides legal representation and consulting services for clients with Family Law matters under the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of the State of Washington in Kitsap County only.  If you have a matter before the Kitsap Superior Court but you are physically located elsewhere, including deployed or relocated military service members, we are happy to consult with you to ascertain how we can meet your specific legal needs.  If you have a matter that is under the jurisdiction of a court other than the Superior Court in Kitsap County, we are happy to consult with you, however, our attorney will be unable to represent you in court.

Please note that this page does not contain detailed information regarding Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage) or Legal Separation.  Please access our Divorce page for more information about Divorce or Legal Separation.

Family Law Services

Under Washington law, a matter may be brought to the court for Child Support Adjustment as soon as 24 months after the last child support order was entered. Adjustments are generally used to recalculate the support based on current incomes of the parents. Either parent may ask for a Child Support Modification based on a significant change in circumstances. If something major has changed that effects the cost of raising the children or effecting the parenting plan, a parent may ask the court to change provisions in the order of child support to accommodate the new situation.

Compass Legal Services, P.S. is happy to provide assistance with both Child Support Adjustment or Child Support Modification.  To schedule a consultation please contact our office at 360.471.3300.

Parenting Plans set out the general schedule for which parent is responsible for the children on any particular day. It also sets out how to handle disputes between the parents on child-related matters, and how decisions for the children will be made. Parents of children who live apart, whether ever married to each other or not, can greatly benefit from a parenting plan.

Compass Legal Services, P.S. is happy to provide assistance with establishment, modification or enforcement of a Parenting Plan.  To schedule a consultation please contact our office at 360.471.3300.

Third Party Custody matters arise where a third party other than a parent or existing guardian seeks to gain guardianship of a minor child.  Often times the third party is a close relative.  Many circumstances may create conditions where a parent or current guardian is unable to properly care for the child and a third party custody is considered in the best interest of the child.

Compass Legal Services, P.S. can provide assistance if you are considering a Third Party Custody action.  To schedule a consultation please contact our office at 360.471.3300.

Parentage cases are about establishing who is a legal parent of a child.  In more recent years, laws regarding who may be considered a legal parent have changed. Parentage must be established before matters such as child support and parenting plans may be addressed.

If you are seeking to establish Parentage of a minor child in Kitsap County, Washington, Compass Legal Services, P.S. may be able to help you.  To schedule a consultation please contact our office at 360.471.3300.

Family Law Attorney in Kitsap County

Compass Legal Services, P.S. is a Kitsap County Family Law firm located in Silverdale, Washington. If you live in Kitsap County, including Bremerton, Port Orchard, Silverdale, Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island, or have a family law case under the jurisdiction of the Kitsap County Superior Court and would like to discuss your case with a Family Law Attorney, please contact our office at 360.471.3300.

We provide a discounted consultation for first time clients.  We are only able to provide full legal representation for clients with litigated matters such as Family Law or Divorce filed in with the Superior Court of the State of Washington in Kitsap County.  We are happy to provide legal consulting services for other non-litigated matters such as Uncontested Divorce and Estate Planningfor clients across Washington State.  Registered Agent services are available for in-state businesses and domestic out-of-state businesses operating in Washington State.  We are unable to serve as registered agent for foreign entities.