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Protecting You, Your Loved Ones
& Your Assets

Compass Legal Services, P.S. is committed to helping our neighbors here in Washington State as, together, we weather the unbelievable circumstances we find ourselves facing.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all of our lives, and some, more tragically so. It is our hope that we can provide some assistance during this time.

In response to the great need for essential and emergency estate planning services during this time, our firm is providing deeply reduced cost for emergency estate planning documents- Wills and Powers of Attorney- for all Washington State Residents.  We have enhanced our web site to provide access to web forms that Washingtonians may fill out online and submit back to us, without leaving their homes.  Additionally, we expect the Washington State Supreme Court to authorize Notary services by video conferencing very soon.  Our office is equipped to provide this service, both technologically and in terms of staffing.  Our firm employs two Washington Notary Public service providers and we will provide the necessary witnesses for signing emergency estate planning documents.

Estate Planning is a critical and responsible process at all times.  It helps provide us and our loved ones with peace of mind and a sense of security.  At this time, Estate Planning is not only critical but emergent.  For specific information about Estate Planning and Essential Estate Planning Documents for all adults, please visit our Estate Planning Page.

Emergency Estate Planning
Documents Service

Individual Estate Planning Documents:

  • Last Will & Testament (No Testamentary Trust): $200

  • Power of Attorney: $100

Essential Estate Planning Package

  • Last Will & Testament (No Testamentary Trust) AND Power of Attorney: $275

You may add a Testamentary Trust to your Will for an additional $250.00


Our Estate Planning Questionnaires are available below along with detailed instructions regarding completing the forms, the document preparation process, and payment.

Please note, we are unable to discuss any individual’s estate planning documents with any other individual without the express consent of the first party.  Valid Identification is required in order for our firm to provide Notary services. If legal/medical competence is in question, a court appointed Guardian or written approval from a qualified medical doctor must be available before we can provide document services.

Submitting Information for Document Preparation

Below we have made available forms that will help us collect the required information to complete your emergency estate planning documents.  You may complete either or both forms, depending on your need.  Based on your responses to the questions in the form, we will correlate submissions under your name.

Once your forms have been submitted and received, we will enter your information into our case management system.  We will send you a link via email to your secure client portal in our legal practice management system (Practice Panther), where we will share documents with you.  Your security is of paramount importance to us.

A member of our legal staff may contact you for clarifications if necessary.  Once you documents have been drafted and reviewed by one of our attorneys, we will forward a draft copy to you for review.  Drafts will be provided via the client portal.  If there are adjustments that need to be made, please let us know.  Once you have reviewed the documents for accuracy our office will finalize the documents and prepare them for release/signing.

Payment is required before documents may be created.  We have several payment options available for your convenience.

Online Payments:

You may pay online via our secure payment portal at https://clsps.net/pay-now. Please do not make payment before you have received confirmation from our staff that your forms have been received and your client portal has been activated.

Payment by Phone

You may also pay over the phone by credit or debit card.  You can call our main office number at 360.471.3300.

Payment by Mail

Generally, we prefer payment by check which you may mail to our office at 9481 Bayshore Drive NW, Ste 202, Silverdale, WA 98383; however, payment must be received before we can begin working on your documents and at this time mail may not be expedient.

Drop Off Payment

Those local to Kitsap County may drop check payments (No Cash Please) through the mail slot at our office located at 9481 Bayshore Drive NW, Ste 202 Mail slot is next to our main entrance to Suite 201.  Please note that per Governor Inslee’s order, our office is closed to the public until April 6.

Emergency Estate Planning Document Questionnaires

Please complete the form below corresponding to the document you need.  If you need both documents, complete one form and submit it.  Then complete and submit the second form.  Our office will correlate submissions.



A Power of Attorney allows a named person, your Attorney-in-Fact, to handle your affairs on your behalf. The person named as your Attorney-in-Fact will be able to do all the things you give them power to do in the document, without further permission or direction from you.

You can limit the types of things the Attorney-in-Fact can handle, such as limiting it to real estate transactions, bank account transactions, transferring a title to a vehicle, making investment decisions, etc. Or you can give carte blanche to your Attorney-in-Fact. It’s up to you.

You can limit the time period in which the Attorney-in-Fact can handle your affairs, too.

  • A standard Power of Attorney ends on a date identified by you, under specific circumstances identified by you, if and when you are medically determined to be incompetent, or you are deceased.
  • A Durable Power of Attorney does not automatically end if and when you are medically determined to be incompetent. It does end upon your death, any defined date or circumstance identified by you in the document.

Either type of Power of Attorney can start immediately, on a date identified by you, or under specific circumstances identified by you, including if and when are medically determined to be incompetent. You can assign different powers to different people. You can make the start and end dates different for different people.