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Divorce Attorney in Kitsap County
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Divorce Attorney in Kitsap County and Washington State

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Divorce Lawyer & Divorce Proceedings in Kitsap County

Divorce is a complex legal matter in almost any situation. Termed as dissolution of marriage in Washington State, divorce can be approached and resolved via several different channels. When representing clients in divorce proceedings, CLS is tasked with assessing the facts and circumstances of each case and advising our clients of the options available, and, more specifically, which option is likely to achieve the most favorable outcome while minimizing unnecessary stress and excessive costs.

Protecting the rights and security of our clients is always our top priority. Where children are involved, their well-being is critical. We work diligently to minimize the negative effects of divorce on all parties involved, most especially children.

Though the courts of Washington State are in the process of creating “plain language” divorce forms, they are anything but plain. Many aspects of the divorce process are reporting of statistical information: name, date of birth, residence, date of marriage, date of separation, etc. However, there are many aspects of divorce law that simply cannot be conveyed to the lay person through a form. For the simplest of divorces, CLS will help people complete their own forms and provide guidance on how to proceed with the court.

For more complex divorces (when a couple has been married more than five (5) years, there are children involved, someone has a government pension, etc.) need more intense guidance and advice. CLS is here to educate their clients on rights and responsibilities as well as what is reasonable to expect.

Who needs a Divorce Attorney in Kitsap County

So long as one spouse lives in Kitsap County, you can get a divorce here. If both spouses currently live in Kitsap County, it is the most appropriate place to file for divorce. Other factors can play into where you file, however

Whether you chose to go through the divorce process “pro se” (without legal representation) or hire an attorney to handle the process, you need to consult with an attorney at the very least. The overall process throughout the state is the same, however, each county has different rules on how to get things done with the court. Because each county has different rules, it’s important to have any attorney who is well versed in the rules for the county where you file.

Divorce Attorney: Representation from Compass Legal Services

Litigate and Non-Litigated Divorce Attorney Representation In Kitsap County

Non-Litigated Divorce Attorney Representation Outside of Kitsap County

Contact Compass Legal Services for your Family Law needs.

For additional information about Divorce Attorney representation in Kitsap County contact Compass Legal Services. To schedule your initial consultation with a Divorce Attorney call 360.471.3300 or email our office.

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