Need Legal Advice for Civil Litigation matters such as Landlord Tenant (Tenant Representation), Property Ownership Disputes, or Employment Discrimination (EEOC)?

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Civil Litigation Matters

Civil litigation includes a broad range of legal matters relating to disputes between two or more individuals or groups.  At Compass Legal Services, P.S., we provide legal counsel and representation to assist our clients in seeking fair resolution to such disputes, including:

  • Tenant Representation in Landlord-Tenant Law disputes.
  • Property ownership disputes other than Real Estate (Replevin actions)
  • Breach of Contract Disputes including consumer/business and business/business disputes.
  • Employment Discrimination Suits

Civil Litigation Services at Compass Legal Services, P.S

Tenant Representation in Landlord-Tenant Law disputes

Landlord-Tenant matters are an aspect of Civil Law.  In Washington State, Landlord-Tenant Law relates to the rights and responsibilities of both Landlords and Tenants in residential tenancy matters.  The Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, Chapter 59.18 of the Revised Code of Washington outlines these rights and responsibilities.  When either party, Landlord or Tenant, fails to comply with the statues under this law, the courts may be petitioned to provide remedy for harms done.  These matters may include eviction, forcible entry or detainer, unlawful detainer, reprisals or retaliatory actions by landlords, and other violations of this Act.

For more information about Landlord-Tenant Law and how we can help Tenants seek redress for grievances against landlords who have failed to comply with the RCW, please visit our Landlord-Tenant Law page.

Compass Legal Services provides Tenant Representation in disputes related to Landlord Tenant Law.

Replevin Actions (Property Ownership disputes)

Replevin is legalese for legal actions related to disputes of property ownership other than Real Estate.  Courts may be petitioned to decide outcomes in Replevin actions related to tangible property including vehicles and other personal property purported to have been taken unlawfully from an individual.  In these matters, the court will hear evidence from both plaintiff and defendant to discover which party has the strongest legal claim to the property and provide a ruling as to the rightful owner.  In addition to settling the dispute regarding ownership, the court may award compensation if losses resulted from the unlawful deprivation of property.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are binding agreements between two or more parties.  When one or more parties fail to uphold these agreements, a breach of contract may have occurred.  These contracts may be entered into between individuals, groups of individuals, and/or businesses.  At Compass Legal Services, P.S. we work with clients to seek fair resolution to breach of contract matters.  Often, these matters can be settled between the parties without direct court involvement in the process.  These settlements may include negotiations led by attorneys, or between our firm and the opposing party if unrepresented, or through formal mediation with an organization like the Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center.  If a breach of contact cannot be settled through negotiation or mediation, our firm may refer the matter to an outside trial attorney for further assistance.

Employment Discrimination: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC Complaints)

Since 1963, no fewer than 8 acts of Federal Civil Rights legislation have been enacted prohibiting discrimination in employment based on factors including race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age (over 40), disabilities, or pregnancy.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to oversee and enforce workplace civil rights legislation.  Discrimination in the workplace that infringes on the protections guaranteed by this legislation can be reported to the EEOC.

At Compass Legal Services, P.S. we provide assistance to both employees and employers who are involved in issues regarding workplace discrimination related to classes protected by federal civil rights legislation and under the purview of the EEOC.  The value of the EEOC and the civil rights legislation it upholds is beyond measure.  Our firm works to ensure that those who must avail themselves of the EEOC’s processes are equipped with the legal counsel and representation to thoroughly plead their case.

In Washington State, sexual orientation is included in the list of protected classes and cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation may be plead to the Employment Security Department.  If you have experienced discrimination in a Washington workplace based on your sexual orientation or gender identity, please contact our office to speak with an attorney who can help you understand your rights and avenues for addressing your grievances.

What do we mean by Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation involves the petitioning of the court system to provide redress for wrong doings of individuals or groups that do not meet the criteria for criminal prosecution.  Civil Law deals specifically with matters related to injury to person or property (known as Torts), property ownership, contracts and domestic relations (see Family Law and Divorce).

How we help our clients in Civil Litigation maters

First, we acknowledge that almost anyone can be sued for almost anything at any time for any reason.  When a legitimate harm has been caused, Compass Legal Services, P.S. works to seek a productive resolution that is in our client’s best interest.  We work against the misconception that the courts will universally validate all perceived harms.  This is not true, and no firm or attorney can provide guarantees of any certain outcome in a legal matter.  We do not, and will not, provide legal services based in the desire to punish.  Rather, our firm seeks to protect our clients’ rights in civil matters and to advance justice through the legal process by ensuring that our clients are availed of quality counsel and representation in seeking relief from the courts in their legal matters.

To schedule a legal consultation, call our office at 360.471.3300.

Contacting Compass Legal Services, P.S.

If you are ready to discuss your legal matter with a Kitsap County Civil Litigation Attorney here at Compass Legal Services, P.S. we invite you to call our office at 360.471.3300 to schedule a legal consultation.  We strongly encourage anyone involved in or considering action regarding a Civil Litigation matter to be proactive and reach out for help and guidance, if needed, as early as possible.