Military Family Care Plan

What is a Military Family Care Plan? A Military Family Care Plan is a method to make sure military dependents are taken care of when service members are deployed. It is required by the military command in the following situations: A single parent with custody of minor children; A single service member who [...]

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Parenting Plan with Specific Schedules

Do I really need a Parenting Plan with specific schedules? The short answer is "Yes, presuming you have children and do not live with their other parent." What is a Parenting Plan? A Parenting Plan, in Washington State, not only sets out the general schedule for the children, it also sets a precedence for [...]

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Cohabitation Agreement:  Save your @$$ets and your Relationships!

How can a Cohabitation Agreement protect your assets and relationships when living with other people? So you aren’t getting married (maybe you aren’t even a couple, but you are planning to live together.) You still have expectations. Everyone has them and every relationship is shaped by them. When they are clearly defined and realistic, [...]

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How to Say I Love You with a Prenuptial Agreement

“There is no exchange rate between the dollar and the heart.” The How to say I LOVE YOU: A Prenup Quiz You are in love. Is your partner’s happiness and security important to you? Do you want to protect your partner? If you knew you could avoid unnecessary stress and arguments by planning ahead [...]

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What are Parentage or Paternity Actions?

What are Parentage or Paternity Actions? Parentage, or Paternity, actions deal with the resolution of conflict regarding  parental rights and responsibilities concerning one or more children. Presumption of Paternity or Parentage Under Washington State law, a man may be considered the “presumed” father of a child if he was living with or married [...]

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