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Business Incorporation- LLC & Corporations Kitsap Co., WA
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Business Incorporation in Kitsap County &
Washington State

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Starting a New Business in Kitsap County & Washington State-

LLC, PLLC, Corporation (S-Corp or C-Corp) and other Limited Liability or Protected Liability Structures

Starting a new business or restructuring an existing business can be immensely rewarding. The legal environment of business development can also be extremely complex. Choosing your business structure, whether it is a corporation such as an S-Corp or C-Corp or a limited liability entity such as an LLC, LLP, PLLC or another liability protected structure requires definitive legal steps in addition to the actual licensing process. Washington State requires specific documents to be filed with the Secretary of State. The State further requires that the business create and maintain other documents. These documents include: Articles of Incorporation or Formation, Bylaws, Shareholders’ Agreement or Operating Agreement, and Minutes of the Annual Meetings. Your business will also be required to report specific information to the state on an annual basis.

Not only are we a business law firm that specializes in business incorporation, Compass Legal Services is a Professional Services corporation. We’ve navigated the legal channels for creating CLS and are fastidious in assuring that our clients receive the detailed attention required for setting up a solid business structure in Washington State. We are honored to serve new business startups here in Kitsap County and throughout Washington State.

Who needs a Business Law Attorney for Business Incorporation in Washington State?

Anyone seeking to create a new corporation, either S-Corp or C-Corp, or some form of Limited Liability Entity such as an LLC (Limited Liability Company), LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) or PLLC (Professional Limited Liability Company) should consult with a business law attorney prior to licensing their business with the Secretary of State in Washington State. If you have an existing company and are considering restructuring to one of the previously listed business structures, we also suggest you contact our office before changing your business structure with the state to ensure you have met all of the guidelines set forth by the state of Washington.

These business should also seek the advice of a Certified Public Accountant on the best structure for their business, whether corporation or limited liability company.

**PLEASE NOTE** Many cities, counties and other municipalities in Washington State have local requirements for doing business in those places. It is the responsibility of the individual business owner to adhere to these requirements including local licensing and permits.

Our Business Law Services for LLC, PLLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp Incorporation in Washington State

Articles of Incorporation


Shareholders’ Agreement

Minutes for the Election of Directors

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors

Promissory Notes

Baseline List of Discussion Items for Annual Meetings

Contact Compass Legal Services for Business Incorporation

For additional information about business law matters pertaining to Business Incorporation in Kitsap County and Washington State including corporations (S-Corp and C-Corp) and limited liability companies including LLC, LLP and PLLC contact Compass Legal Services. To schedule your initial consultation with a Business Law Attorney call 360.471.3300 or email our office.

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Compass Legal Services is your resource for Business Incorporation in Kitsap County and throughout Washington State. We are located in Silverdale and are a local resource for clients in Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Suquamish, Port Orchard and Gig Harbor as well as close by Jefferson County and Mason County, Key Peninsula and the Olympic Peninsula.