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Top Reasons to Work at Compass Legal Services PS

You value you, and so do we. We built a business that values people first. We have work-life balance, a competitive compensation structure, great benefits, and a team of people that love working together.  We believe the work you can do with us is important and can help a lot of people. We know [...]

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Living and Working in Kitsap County

Compass Legal Services, P.S. is located in Silverdale, Washington, the heart of Kitsap County which spans the majority of the Kitsap Peninsula.  Kitsap County is the seventh largest county in Washington State and one of the best not-so-well-kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest.  We are a nexus of people from all over the country [...]

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Interacting with Law Enforcement: Remain Silent

Having a face to face moment with a Police Officer can be one of the most stressful moments in your life, but it does not have to be detrimental to your welfare and liberty.  Understand your rights and responsibilities when speaking to a law enforcement officer. Remain Silent when being charged with a crime [...]

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Divorce: the Cost of War

Dollars and Sense: Negotiating the Cost of Divorce In the United States, the average cost of divorce for each party is $19,600 if the case goes to trial and $14,500 of the case is settled before. According to the US Census Bureau, the median household income in the US in 2016 was about $55,800 [...]

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Cohabitation Agreement:  Save your @$$ets and your Relationships!

How can a Cohabitation Agreement protect your assets and relationships when living with other people? So you aren’t getting married (maybe you aren’t even a couple, but you are planning to live together.) You still have expectations. Everyone has them and every relationship is shaped by them. When they are clearly defined and realistic, [...]

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How to Say I Love You with a Prenuptial Agreement

“There is no exchange rate between the dollar and the heart.” The How to say I LOVE YOU: A Prenup Quiz You are in love. Is your partner’s happiness and security important to you? Do you want to protect your partner? If you knew you could avoid unnecessary stress and arguments by planning ahead [...]

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