1. You value you, and so do we.
    We built a business that values people first. We have work-life balance, a competitive compensation structure, great benefits, and a team of people that love working together.  We believe the work you can do with us is important and can help a lot of people. We know you are a human and not a robot: you can expect to find high standards and reasonable expectations while working with us.  We believe that support and growth is important for everyone so we provide extensive training and development opportunities, including continuing education: to learn, keep skills sharp, and open up new opportunities.
  2. You value other people, and that’s what we do.
    As legal professionals who work with the public on tough, often very personal issues, we know the value and importance of the work we do.  We treat ALL PEOPLE with the same high level of respect and dignity, without exception. Our work often impacts the long and short-term safety and security of our clients, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Our team often works collaboratively to provide maximum resources to every client.
  3. We are our culture.  
    Our firm is a corporation, but we are NOT a corporate firm.  Our culture has been designed intentionally to ensure that we maintain the small business, close-knit vibe, and any co-worker could easily use the word friend to describe another co-worker.  Our team understands professional structure and we do things like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and crazy Tuesdays that simply require a group lunch.  We work in an industry that can be taxing and we believe our office environment should not be.  This is part of why we have work-life balance. We are able to be human, even at work. Dress code is also relatively relaxed, unless you are in court. . .
  4. A place of Integrity.
    We have discovered that we can meet our needs and our client’s needs best with honesty, integrity, and respect.  We do have exceptionally high standards for every member of our team, and those standards are easily met with reasonable expectations and not setting anyone up for failure.  As a firm, we have very low turnover and experience positive growth year after year.  This tells us that what we are doing, and the way we are doing it, works for us and the people we serve.
  5. Growth and opportunity.
    Compass Legal Services, P.S. is privileged to have the opportunity to serve the legal services needs of our communities. The level of need continues to grow year after year and we have expanded our services from our core in Family Law to include Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, setting up Business structures, and a wide range of other Civil Litigation matters.  We continue to grow as a firm to meet the needs of our communities, including expansions into other fields of law which allow our team members to take advantage of additional opportunities for professional growth.