“There is no exchange rate between the dollar and the heart.”

The How to say I LOVE YOU: A Prenup Quiz

You are in love. Is your partner’s happiness and security important to you? Do you want to protect your partner? If you knew you could avoid unnecessary stress and arguments by planning ahead for life goals, legacy goals, eventualities or even catastrophes, would you do it?

Do you think that your partner should be ruined financially and forced to be start over if a business relationship were to end? What if you grow apart and no longer feel “in love” with your partner and want a new start? Do you love your partner enough NOW to care for their happiness and security in the FUTURE?

A Prenuptial Agreement has nothing to do with not trusting your partner.

In fact it is quite the opposite. It is tangible proof that your love is real and each of you is entering into a marriage for the same reasons. It gives you each an opportunity, ahead of time, to evaluate your assets and debts in a concrete fashion, make a plan for success and a plan to protect each other should you grow apart. . .or become psychotic.

Life and marriage are full of difficult moments and discussions that are unavoidable. The outcomes can, however, be steered towards the constructive rather than the destructive. A true partnership based on love that can last must be able to engage productively in these difficult discussions in order to survive and grow stronger.

Before you Tie the Knot

At Compass Legal Services, P.S., we help our clients navigate conversations about Prenuptial Agreements in an orderly and productive manner.

Through this process, our clients gain:Wedding rings depicting mariage divorce and prenuptial agreement

  1. Additional concrete insights about themselves and their partners;
  2. An accurate depiction of each partner’s separate property; and
  3. Develop a plan for managing assets together.

This is a mediated, fact-based conversation, guided by the attorney to help each partner acknowledge and employ the same decision making skills that will be critical for a long and productive marriage.

Love is a powerful and valuable asset in any relationship. Love is most transparent and full of integrity and equity when two people meet as equals in full disclosure of attitudes, assets and intentions. As surely as with words (and perhaps even more surely), these equals are saying I love you through the asset planning process and together creating a Prenuptial Agreement.

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